Draw Tattoo

Draw Tattoo you have to try yourself as a tattoo artist. Despite all the visual ease of the process, this is a very complex and difficult profession. But despite this, here you can demonstrate all your creative talents and create small masterpieces right on the body of a living person.

There are a hundred levels ahead of you, where you will learn how to masterfully apply tattoos. Your client will be a strong man who loves to decorate himself with tattoos and is not afraid of pain. It is a pleasure to work with such clients. After all, no one will twitch and scream, but will just sit and wait for a new drawing on their body.

Game Features:

  • Simple but addicting mechanics
  • Run your own Tattoo Shop
  • Don’t go over the lines
  • Feel the experience

Whether you like tattoos or just want to draw some shapes, Ink Inc. will take you there. This is the best and most rewarding tattoo simulation game there is. Good luck putting down Ink Inc!