Rope Rescue Puzzle

Try to save the people by pulling the zip-line in the right direction in this addictive online Rope Rescue Puzzle game! Control the rope, overcome the obstacles, complete challenging, and unique puzzles.

Game Features

  • Easy to pick up and play anytime you need a little treat
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Drag the rope to solve challenging puzzles.
  • Train your brain. Try many ways to play because these are logical puzzles.
  • The music, sounds, visuals, and graphics are outstanding
  • Play thousands of decadently fun levels!
  • Team up with friends and other players – an easy way to rescue all stickmen.

How To Play Rope Rescue Puzzle?

Easy to play! Drag the rope to make a safe path, control all stickmen in the rope, and rescue them.
Do not forget to avoid obstacles along the way. Bomb, laser, saw, gun,…are dangerous. You are in a rescue game, be careful with these obstacles.
It’s addictive! If you play Rope Puzzle, be sure you have nothing to do. You will play this addictive puzzle game for hours and can’t put it down.